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30 Does Not Make You OLD

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I’m pretty sure some people are afraid of birthdays. Well, that sounds a little silly, right? Who doesn’t like a day to celebrate YOU and have a good excuse to eat cake and ice cream and pizza all in one sitting? (Obviously I believe in the negligence of birthday calories.) […]

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caring for contacts

How and Why to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ If this isn’t enough to start making you take care of your contacts, I don’t know what is… Read the full article at Medical Daily I admit, I have not always been the best at following doctor recommended sanitary protocol and caring for my contacts. In college, I’d sleep (pass […]

The Problem With Reality TV

The Problem With Reality TV

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Reality TV is everything that is wrong with America. I admit, there is the occasionally reality TV show that I call a guilty pleasure (Yes, I still watch The Real World and The Challenges on MTV.) But, most of them I can.not.stand. Reality TV enforces our unidealistic standards we hold […]

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I Can’t Just ‘Be Lazy’ Anymore

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ About mid-week last week, I told Kyle to keep his Sunday schedule open. Not because I wanted to fill it up with an itemized list of chores and errands like I usually do (so I’ve occasionally been told). But because I wanted to be LAZY. This has been a helluva […]

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Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that are sure to make any cookie lover swoon! What is it about a cookie that can instantly put a smile on your face? That’s assuming you feel the same way about cookies as I do. Instant happiness. Kind of like unexpectedly finding a […]

Peanut Butter Truffles

Peanut Butter Truffles

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ A classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter are used for this delicious peanut butter truffle recipe. A very easy and healthy refrigerated dessert that’s great to have on hand when a sweet tooth craving strikes! When it comes to dessert combinations, peanut butter and chocolate is really hard to […]

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Leg Workouts

10 Leg Workouts Sure to Make You Sweat

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Well, it’s officially been 6 weeks since Kyle and I have been doing workouts together (almost) every day. And it feels great! We’ve been doing body weight training and running workouts, like you’ve been seeing in the last few At-Home Weekly Workout posts. We have decided NOT to do a […]

at-home weekly workouts four

At-Home Weekly Workouts #4

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Last week’s workouts were filled with lots of squats and a few new moves. Our arms were sore like no other after doing these one-arm snatches in Thursday’s workout. It was a move Kyle had done in crossfit a few years back, but a move that was completely new to […]

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Healthy On A Budget

how to stay fit on a budget

Living On A Budget: Staying Fit

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ The beginning of the month always means one thing to me: paying bills and solidifying my budget. I’ve written posts about budgeting before. I’ve talked about how Dave Ramsey completely changed the way I look at money. The Dave Ramsey way – pay for everything in cash. If you have debts, […]

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Healthy Grocery Haul

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Every once in a while I like to show you all what I pick up at the grocery. The typical healthy grocery haul is mostly produce, then proteins, and a mix of dairy, random items, and some ‘splurges.’ (Yep, splurges are part of my healthy lifestyle too.) Kroger is my […]

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