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Shredded Fajita Chicken - Chicken Tacos

Weekly Meal Plan: January 25 – 31

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I wanna take a minute to laugh at my ambitiousness from last week. There were zero food-prepped breakfasts in the Ehle household last week. It is actually almost comical that I made such a lofty goal. Whether I enjoy procrastinating, or making breakfasts at home a little too much, no […]

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Graced by Grit |

Graced by Grit Review and Giveaway

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ It’s no secret that I love fitness apparel. I live in active wear during the weekends – and it’s the first thing I change into when I get home! Yoga pants or capris are always first choice over a baggy pair of sweatpants. I believe it is totally acceptable to […]

Chocolate peanut butter energy bites - the perfect healthy snack when you're craving something sweet! |

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Do you ever have days when you just can’t wait to get home and eat? This happens to me sometimes, and hangry strikes. You don’t wanna be around me when I’m hangry, that is fo sho. There were a few days last week when I felt like my appetite was […]

Healthy Blueberry Muffins - The perfectly risen and delicious muffins for breakfast! |

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I feel like I’ve talked about muffins so many times on this blog. Sooo let’s just skip that for now. Instead, let’s talk about what we do on Saturday nights. Now, I refuse to ever say that I’m old. Unless I get to live to, say, 103. I am 28 […]

food as medicine

Weekly Meal Plan: January 18 – 24

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I’m gonna talk about breakfast for a minute. The hubs and I are currently on two different eating lifestyles. Kyle has been doing the intermittent fasting route, and not eating until 10-11 AM. That means, no breakfast at home. I on the other hand, am still eating breakfast around 7-8 […]

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Calculating Nutritional Info with MFP

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ My personal use with MyFitnessPal has changed throughout the years. I do not log my food consistently, but I have done so in the past. The not too distant past, either! I find that I only need to do it when I feel like I’m getting off track, or have […]

Healthier Mac 'n Cheese - add wilted spinach for extra veggie servings! |

Hiding Vegetables In Your Food

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Saturday mornings are looking like a really great time for me to work on recipes – and my new favorite part – food photo shoots. I really felt like last Saturday morning was working in my favor. One, because I loved my new measuring cup set. Two, because I chose […]

Honey roasted carrots - the perfect roasted carrot recipe with garlic and basil! |

Honey Roasted Carrots

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I don’t know about you, but roasting is my favorite way to prepare veggies. And since I’m all about trying to practice what I preach and make sure I am actually eating more vegetables, there has been a lot of roasting happening around here! I am also pretty sure that […]

Honey roasted carrots - the perfect roasted carrot recipe with garlic and basil! |

Weekly Meal Plan: January 11 – 17

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Ok sooo do you remember that long spiel I gave last week about wanting a casserole? Said casserole did not happen. Ugh. I’ve been GREAT about following our meal plan the last few weeks. But this week took us down a long and winding road of house repairs. This totally […]