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Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ This is an edited re-post of a favorite recipe – one that I make ALL.the.time. I updated images, and decided it’d be good content to post while we’re on vacation. Protein shakes are becoming one of my favorite easy breakfast or snack choices. There are what seems like endless flavor […]

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Crockpot Applesauce

Crockpot Applesauce

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Updated pictures from an old favorite recipe! I’ve got a super easy recipe for y’all, which is a snack I created for the sugar free challenge. I’ve wanted to make crockpot applesauce for a while now, just never got around to it. You can google lots of recipes and they […]

25 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

25 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Y’all know I have no problem with eating our delicious full fat, comfort foods once in a while. On a holiday, we are definitely allowed one day to indulge. As long as we follow the one GUILT FREE rule, that is! But sometimes it’s nice to try out some healthier […]

peanut butter toast with strawberries

4 Healthy Snacks Worth Adding to Your Meal Plan

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I like to snack. I always have and I probably always will! Many people think snacking is bad because they relate it to mindless snacking – the grabbing of a handful of chips or pretzels or nuts (or whatever is in reach) because you are bored. Not because you are […]

Cakey Chocolate Chip Brownies

Cakey Chocolate Chip Brownies

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ It just so happens that I’m still on a healthy dessert kick. I highly doubt it’s going away anytime soon, since I’ve been doing lots of experimenting with brownies in my kitchen lately! I’d like to say these brownies are special (not in the way you might think). They’re special […]

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Gift Ideas for Foodies via @slim_sanity

Gift Ideas for Foodies

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ I was debating whether it’s too early to post a Christmas gift guide. BUT – with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right around the corner, you might be able to score some great deals!! So, if you aren’t quite sure what to get that special someone for Christmas, I […]

Tortilla Chips

Could This Be the Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight?

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ You’re following a workout plan. You workout 5 to 6 days a week. You also have a meal plan that you follow…close to 80/20. Maybe sometimes 90/10. Maybe sometimes 70/30… But maybe, you aren’t really following it as closely as you think. This could be the reason you aren’t seeing […]

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan: November 16 – November 22

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Umm…okay guys. I’m not gonna lie. I’m starting to get checked out of reality a little bit. With the holidays coming up, we are getting busier, and I’m trying my hardest to get as much crap around the house DONE because Kyle’s whole (intermediate) family will be staying with us […]

Pork and Blue Cheese Salad

5 Tips for Meal Planning and Food Prep

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Meal planning and food prepping might sound like a simple concept, but when you try to actually execute your ideas, it might be more difficult than you expected if you aren’t prepared, or you aren’t sure where to start. I put this video together for my Challenge Group clients, but […]

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Mountain Climber Remix

Mountain Climber Remix

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Happy Monday, friends! Are you having a marvelous day so far? My first challenge group is underway starting TODAY and I am so, so excited! I’ve also started the second month of P90 – which I am really loving so far. In my first month’s review I mentioned the workouts […]

4 reasons why you should workout from home

4 Reasons to Workout from Home

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Don’t miss out on my LÀˆRABAR giveaway – it ends on Sunday! Ok you guys…I’m taking the leap. The giant LEAP into the world of YouTube! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now. But I’ve been so, so nervous! Public speaking has always been a […]

Tips for Working Out in The Morning

5 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ As you all know, I love to workout in the morning! It sets my day off on the right tone, and my evenings are so much more relaxing this way! I always workout at home. This is a great motivator for when my alarm goes off at 5 AM! Knowing […]


When The Balance Gets Tipped, Straighten It Out

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ We had a truly MARVELOUS weekend. Kyle and I joined two other couples for camping at Loyd Park at Joe Pool Lake this weekend. We ended up with perfect weather, only 80 during the day and down to 55 or so at night. No rain, just sunshine! We usually try […]

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