Summer Vacation in Portland

Follow this blog on Pinterest Guess what came in the mail last weekend? My new camera lens!! Wait, I think I told you that already. Oh well. I guess I’m excited! I also am waaaaaay overdue with my Portland pictures! We went over the Fourth of July. Oops. But, here I am, doing it now….

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baked carrot fries 3

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan: August 30—September 5

Follow this blog on Pinterest So I realized something spectacular today. I work 4-day weeks the entire month of September. Eeeee!!! My company is awesome and does well for employee work/life balance with amazing vacation benefits. We have Friday and Monday off for Labor Day weekend, so that counts for the first two weeks. Then…

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Eggs and sauteed Brussels sprouts with asparagus pesto makes for a new and flavorful Paleo breakfast! |

Eggs and Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Asparagus Pesto

Follow this blog on Pinterest Happy Friday, my friends! I don’t know about you, but this week seemed to drag on forever for me. I got home from work at about 7:30 PM last night and started on dinner right away. I knew if I didn’t get to cooking immediately it would probably be a…

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Almond crusted chicken with lemon zucchini noodles is a delicious dinner dish with a gourmet feel you can prepare in 20 minutes or less!

Almond Crusted Chicken with Lemon Zucchini Noodles

Follow this blog on Pinterest Before I talk too much about how delicious this recipe is, I need you to mourn with me for a second. I lost a camera lens in a tragic accident this weekend. 😢 Let me paint this awful picture for you. I had set my camera down on a TV…

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Thai chicken zoodles with spicy peanut sauce melds many bold flavors into one delicious recipe—made with zucchini noodles as a pasta substitution! |

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan: August 23 —29

Follow this blog on Pinterest Last week’s change in strategy for meal planning went perfectly. Although prepping a full week of meals can be convenient, we both really enjoy cooking and we were missing this time together during the week. Spending time cooking dinner in the evenings helps get us off the couch at night…

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These basil berry bliss cocktails are the healthy drink option—perfect to sip on a hot summer day! |

Basil Berry Bliss Cocktails

Follow this blog on Pinterest I am not usually one to try mixed drink options when I go out. This is mostly because I know they’re over-loaded with sugar! My typical drink of choice when I go out is vodka water, vodka club soda or white wine, so when I was out at a bar…

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Asparagus pesto is a flavorful, lower calorie alternative to traditional pesto that doubles as a veggie! |

Asparagus Pesto

Follow this blog on Pinterest You guys. I did so much cooking and food photography last weekend. It was so fun! Kyle was out of town and I made an uber long to-do list for myself. Mostly things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Like vacuum. But also some fun things like cooking…

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How to Make Zucchini Noodles | This low-carb pasta alternative is sure can make family dinner not only fun, but delicious. Bring on the zoodles! |

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan : August 16 – 22

Follow this blog on Pinterest I talked last week about switching up the meal plan routine. Part of that is how I’m actually going about meal planning! I am no longer going to batch prep food to bring for lunch. Say whaaat?? We’re wanting more variety during the week. Although all our food is delicious,…

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This paleo power salad with lemon chia vinaigrette dressing makes for a flavorful and delicious lunch option!

Paleo Power Salad with Lemon Chia Vinaigrette Dressing

Follow this blog on Pinterest Roasted sweet potatoes! On a salad. Genius, right? I’m not really sure what else I need to do to get you on board with this new lunch recipe. I’ve been seeking some different lunch options these days. The same goes for dinner, actually. Not that our food doesn’t taste great…it’s…

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