WOTW + Friday randoms

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink this wine during the sugar challenge. I haven’t drank any wine so far…it’s going to be a loooong 9 days. I had this mini bottle last weekend, which was hanging out in a cooler that one of Kyle’s friends brought over. I usually don’t drink blush wines because because I always think they are going to be too sweet. But this one wasn’t really too bad, I was surprised.
The Gallo Family White Zinfandel is the first blush wine I’ve had since I started Wine of the Week. I thought it had a berry taste to it, that was sweet, but not too sweet. The flavor profile lists it as strawberry and white peach. This vineyard is in Sonoma, CA. I know I’ve seen this brand before, and it is very affordable, if you get my drift. 
In other news…
Not so random is that I completed my first interval run for training on Wednesday. I had initially planned out a treadmill workout. But then I realized that even the thought of running on the dreadmill made me want to puke and my legs felt like cement. I checked the weather and decided to venture outdoors for a run, since 45 degrees wasn’t too shabby.
Hal Higdon’s program called for 6 x 400m at your 5K pace then walk or jog in between. To be honest, most of my runs at home at the same pace as what my goal is for the half. So, I just sprinted.
After looking at my speed profile, you can definitely see a trend. Sprinting for .25 miles isn’t easy, haha. I thought I was going to puke during the third and fourth intervals. Sprinting is clearly not my thing. I wanted to quit after that, but made myself pump out two more. The slower two were still around 8:30/mile, which is very fast for me, so I was good with it! I then jogged out the end of my three miles.
I was supposed to run 3 miles plus strength yesterday, but I felt crappy in the morning, so I put it off. Then I felt crappier in the afternoon, so I thought I’d switch rest days, since Fridays are my rest days. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon working, which was a good thing because I got a lot done. But now today, I still don’t feel great. I have a sore throat and some cold symptoms. I do feel better today than yesterday, but I don’t want to push it. But I also don’t want my training to be slacking, because that will just make it harder once my runs start getting longer. So conflicted! I’m so sick of feeling sick.
But the body knows best, and I think my body is telling me to rest. Hoo-hum. It’s funny how much you dread that 3 mile training run until you are sick and can’t. I guess as long as I don’t come down with that flu bug going around, I’ll be alright.
Random: Yesterday, I wore a new pair of boots my aunt gave to me last time she was home. My aunt and I wear the same size in most shoes and clothes, which is a great benefit to me because when she gives away lightly worn clothing, I’m right there with my arms open. Only like 10 states away.
Random: Right now at this moment I want a heaping bowl of these…
I’m not sure why, but having a cold tends to amplify my ‘need’ for carbs and sugar in general. Which is why I had this for dinner last night after I planned on a salad.
But I’m stuck at school with my salad and some toasted almonds I mooched off a friend because I forgot mine at home. Since my day started at 7 AM today, I think there is a very good chance I won’t be working until 5 PM. Plus it’s Friday… when do I ever work until 5 PM on Friday? 
I hope you all have a fabulous afternoon!

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