Worry Free Is The Way To Be

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My original title for this post was ‘Worrying Is Useless.’ I didn’t want to start this NEW YEAR off in a negative tone. So I changed it.

Positivity has been a focus for me in the last several years. I do consider myself a mostly positive person now. I was not always this way.

The mom of my best friend from high school always called me Eeyore. That’s kind of (extremely) embarrassing to admit, but it’s pretty much the truth.

How did I change my attitude to a more positive one, and steer away from the negative? Besides just trying to BE HAPPIER, I needed to pin point what I was doing that made me feel so negative all the time.

I came up with two big habits. Complaining and worrying.

I’ve gotten a handle on the amount of complaining I do. While there are still things in life I might qualify as worth complaining about, I don’t. Because some of it I can’t change. And some of it takes time to change.

Next step: eliminate all worrisome thoughts from my head.

I’m SO SICK of worrying. Worrying about my family, about what people thing (I actually don’t do this one anymore #confidence), worrying about finding a job, getting a bigger paycheck, where Kyle and I are going to choose/be able to (career wise) raise our family.

Instead of worrying about our future, why don’t we trust ourselves that we will get where we want? Or that wherever we do end up, it will be great. We can get so caught up in worry that we miss what is happening now.

I don’t want to miss out on life because I’m too worried about where my personal career is going. Instead, I’ll do what I can and know that everything will work out as it’s suppose to. Kyle and I will do just FINE no matter what happens after we get married in May. I trust and have faith in that.

Once I made this decision, it was as if a literal weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m leaving the days of useless stress and worry behind.

It’s not just a resolution for 2014. Like all changes we make, let’s aim to make our ‘resolutions’ lifestyle choices and changes for the better. A new way of living and a new way of thinking.

Cheers to more positive me (and you?)!

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