Wine of the Week: Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

Yellow Tail strikes me as a fairly popular wine. I don’t know if this is necessarily true or not. But for that reason, I haven’t chosen a Yellow Tail wine until now, because I figure a lot of people have tried it and know whether they like it or not. Probably the only reason I’m writing about it today is because we went to a fairly overpriced liquor store on our way to Derek’s on Sunday for the Superbowl, and this was the cheapest option.
I’m sure I’ve probably tried this one before, but couldn’t recall a particular occasion. Although I claim Yellow Tail to be fairly popular, I apparently knew nothing about it. I just learned from the website that it’s made in Australia, as I probably could have guessed by the kangaroo on the front of the bottle! It’s made by the Casella family in South Eastern Australia.
I also just learned that is not a kangaroo on the bottle, it is a yellow-footed rock wallaby. But it is a cousin of the kangaroo, so I’ll roll with it. 🙂
This pinot grigio had a good appley crisp flavor that I like in a wine. They also list the nutritional value of the wine on the website, which I don’t think I’ve seen on a site before. One 6 oz serving is 114 calories and 1.7 g of sugar.
Wait…6 oz serving. Huh?
Have you had Yellow Tail before? Are you a fan?

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