Wine of the Week: Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc

My girlfriend Heather is throwing a cookie swap party tonight. I hadn’t really heard of this type of thing before… but coming home with a Tupperware full of different cookies doesn’t sound like too bad of a Friday evening to me!

While I set out to make my 4 dozen goods, I poured myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I have had the Chardonnay Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, which is one of our favorites, so I figured I’d give another wine a shot.

This Sauvignon Blanc is citrusy with a bit of a sweet taste to it. Robert Mondavi founded his first winery in 1966 in Oakville, California, and the Woodbridge¬†winery is near Lodi, California. This is one I think I’d love to go tour and have a wine tasting at. Wine tasting in California is definitely on my bucket list! Generally, you might want to serve this wine with seafood, crab cakes, or salad. I, however, served it with cookie dough.

Luckily, my cookies turned out pretty darn good! I’ll have the recipe up and hopefully some pictures of the cookie party tomorrow!

Have you done a wine tasting or winery tour before? Where was it?

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