Wine of the Week with Pumpkin Seeds!

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Life has been catching up to me lately, and I couldn’t quite find the time to write one up. I will, however, save my intended recipe for Saturday, so don’t miss out on that! 🙂
Last night, Kacie and I went to our friend Corey’s to crash her pumpkin carving party. I can always count on Corey and Kacie to have some good wine around! After a few glasses of Apothic Red, we had another glass of Smoking Loon Pinot Noir
I’ve had this one before, and I’m a fan! This wine is made by a company called Don & Sons in California, and uses grapes from several different regions of the state
In between glasses of wine, Kacie and I went to work roasting up the pumpkin seeds leftover from carving. My family used to do this every year, and they are so delicious. One of my favorite parts of fall! The first step is to pick them out of all the pumpkin ‘guts,’ probably the most time consuming, because you’ve gotta get ’em all!

Once you pick them out, they need to soak in a bowl of water for a bit.

We always soaked them in regular salt water, but Kacie suggested using garlic salt instead. I think it was genious.
Yay pumpkin seeds! We let them soak for about 30 minutes while we had some fun with the pumpkins.
Doesn’t he look like Jack the Pumpkin King? Speaking of the Nightmare Before Christmas, I told Kyle and I are planning to watch it tonight. After reading about it on these lovely ladies blogs, I decided it was time to pull it out of the DVD rack for a relaxing Friday evening! 
Once the seeds were done soaking, we spread them out on a pan. After drying them off, we sprinkled garlic powder and salt on them, and baked at 300 degrees (Kacie, is that right? 😉) for about 15 minutes. 
A short 15 minutes later, we had warm and toasty pumpkin seeds ready to devour!
After chowing down and admiring the lit pumpkins, we headed on home for the evening.
As for today, I’m taking it a bit easy this morning, which means no workout for me. Kyle has been sick the last couple days, and I feel like I’ve got a tickle starting in my throat. That means I’m doubling up on Emergen-c and rest today. The last thing I need is to wake up tomorrow and be sick, because we are heading up to OU to watch the Notre Dame football game, which is going to be a total blast! 
So, cross your fingers for me that I don’t get sick!!
Have you carved pumpkins yet this year? Do you ever roast the seeds?

Post your wine of the week here! I know you’ve got one.


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