Wine of the Week: Hello Vino

Sadly, I don’t have a new wine this week. I am stocked up on 2-3 bottles of white that need to get topped off. Since I recently had my budget rant, I figured I’d do something a little different this week, then setting out to buy another bottle of wine. This usually isn’t a problem, but I wasn’t super social last weekend, and I opted against a solo wine party. 🙂
I found this fun app while browsing iTunes the other day. Hello Vino! (FYI this app is also available for the unfortunate ones using Android. Jokes!) I figured this was something that I definitely needed to have. Just because.
Upon opening the app, I saw that it has a lot to offer.
If you are ever wondering what wine you should buy at the store to cook with your filet mignon, this app can help you! Or, if you know you want a crisp and fruity white and not a rich and oaky one, this app can help you! The first option I went for was finding what food pairing go with the wine I already have, which I think is something a lot of people wonder.
After selecting the type of wine you have, you can choose the variety, and also the style. I think this app would help you learn a lot about different wines. Before I went to a wine tasting even one year ago, I had no idea what a ‘style’ meant, but now I can recognize the difference in the two styles of Chardonnay. 
I choose ‘crisp and fruity’ Chardonnay, and was given a wonderful list of foods to pair with it.
Pretty sweet.

You can also search for wines by brand name. (This claims label recognition, and I need to try that out yet.) I searched for Charles Smith Wines. Does anyone remember Kung Fu Girl? Selecting a wine gives you a rating with description, average price, ability to find online, and you can also save to your wish list, which is found under the ‘My Wines’ tab. You can also mark a wine as a favorite once it is in your wish list. Good for having handy at the store when you can’t remember that Malbec you wanted to try, or the Riesling that was your favorite!


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