Wine of the Week: Gallo Family Pinot Grigio

This is the second Gallo Family wine that I’ve featured in Wine of the Week, the first being their white zinfandel. Although I didn’t purchase the first bottle, this large bottle of Pinot Grigio was under $7 at Walmart.
Do you like the nice background of packed up boxes?
As you probably now well know, my lifestyle revolves around a tight budget. I’m never ashamed to pick up the largest bottle of wine on the lowest shelf in the store. Don’t knock it till you try it, am I right? This one really wasn’t too bad! This light-bodied Pinot Grigio to has flavors of green apple, peach and citrus, according to their site. I got mostly the citrusy taste of it, which was more acidic than sweet. Next up on my list could be any of the whites in the Gallo Family collection. 
I have never had a sweet Chardonnay before, I’m not quite sure if I’d like it or not. But it could be worth a shot!

In other news…

If you are a regular around Slim Sanity you may have noticed some changes in the blogs layout and design. I have a new addiction to blog design and HTML coding. This is largely in part to blog design tips I’ve received from The SITS Girls, and the wonderful help from posts by Marie at Code it Pretty on using Blogger. If you use Blogger, you need to check out Marie’s site. Her latest post on Social Media Buttons was awesome. I used her instructions and played around with some other design elements to make my new buttons you see in the side bar to the right. 
The Mozilla Thimble site she introduces is also awesome. It’s helping me learn some HTML and CSS coding. The bits of HTML knowledge I’m picking up has enabled me to change certain features on my Blogger layout that I didn’t like, but wasn’t given the option to change. Of course… if you do this, always make sure to back-up your template before you go deleting and adding things into your HTML so you don’t loose your entire template. I would  probably cry.


No workout for me today, except some heavy stretching. This week my hip has been hurting worse than usual before and after running. It’s in a rather strange spot, and I can’t quite figure it out. I’m hoping if I stretch well and the weather cooperates tomorrow, I can fit in a decent 10 mile run. I don’t want to push it though, because the very last thing I want is to get injured. Obviously. Who wants to get injured? Running a fast-for-me half marathon is not worth needing to take time off from any workouts due to injury. 
A classic case of when you need to listen to your body. Body knows best!
Whats on your agenda this weekend?


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