Wine of the Week – Date Night Style

Even though we were out and about a few times last week for my birthday, I requested that we have date night last Wednesday. One of the rights of being a girlfriend. As you may have noticed, we have a trend of at-home date nights, most of which include wine. We do date nights out on occasion too, but staying at-home keeps it in the budget, which means we can have them more often. Good for the wallet and for the date-night-loving GF. Boo-yah!

We have both been crazy busy at work, making it about 8:00 PM before either of us have time to plop down on the couch and relax for an hour or so before getting some shut-eye. Any extra energy we have usually gets spent on the needy pup, who just learned how to fetch his ‘rope.’

Please ignore my massive heap of laundry behind the scenes. You know I’m busy when laundry isn’t my priority. #cleanfreak

Now that I realize it, we haven’t cooked many sit down dinners since coming back from the wedding. Well, when Kyle was on his way home Wednesday, he told me not to worry about anything for dinner because he would pick it up. He waltzed in with a bag full of mysterious dinner items, a bottle of wine, and a Redbox. The only part he let me see was the wine. Obviously. Because there is no holding me back from that. 🙂

He chose a Chardonnay, which is our favorite. This one was from the Woodbridge line by Robert Mondavi. Woodbridge was established in 1979 near Lodi, California. It was super yummy!

I had a slight feeling date night dinner would equal cheat meal dinner while dinner cooked in the oven and he was able to sit at the table drinking our ‘classy’ pours of wine over some delightful conversation. But I didn’t know for sure until he had me sit on the couch while he set the table, and I was allowed to open my eyes to see the wonderful spread of treats before me.

I was right.

Kyle said that since we would be traveling soon (viva Las Vegas), we were going to be having ‘dinner from around the world.’ Starting in Mexico with tacos, we then travel to Italy for mozzarella sticks and pizza, move on to China for egg rolls, and finally land back in America with buffalo chicken strips. I had one trip to each country. But I went back to Italy. Twice. Certainly not my typical Slim Sanity food selections, but a cheat meal is okay once in a while. And gosh…. Do I love mozzarella sticks! The only food we actually completely finished was from Italy, and half of the rest of it sits in the fridge as you read.

We haven’t sat at the coffee table to eat dinner since the kitchen table was purchased, and I think it threw Barkley for a loop. Clearly, he thought he was supposed to be involved in this in some way or another, as he wiggled his nose between us to catch some attention.

What’d I say? Needy?

So, for the rest of the evening, we snacked in Italy and sipped out wine while watching The Lucky One. It was pretty good, and both of us enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

So this was inherently longer than I intended it to be. Tell me about your wines and date nights this week! Grab my button and link on up below.

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