Wine of the Week: Casa Blanca Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc

We ended up going out last night for Valentine’s Day, even though our original plans were to pick up food and stay in. But, Kyle said he wanted to take me out, so we headed into Uptown to our favorite sushi spot, Na’an Sushi. They said they wouldn’t seat anyone without a reservation, which seemed a bit strange to me, but with it being Valentine’s Day I guess they were booked up. Either way, we ended up sitting at the bar which was pretty perfect.
When we walked in, we saw a February special going on that if you ordered a bottle of wine over $20, you got a free appetizer. (Free food? Bingo!) And then there was Casa Blanca Nimbus 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.
Looking online, this bottle retails for about $13. Definitely not what we paid for it, but that’s expected when you go out.
I am a big Sauvignon Blanc fan. Kyle usually leans toward a Chardonnay, but he’s always willing to try different whites. It took a couple sips of this wine to decide whether I liked it. It was a bit more tart or bitter tasting than most of the wines I have been drinking. It had a crisp citrus flavor come through that I liked. One review I found said it had a nose of fresh cut grass (nose means the aroma of the wine in a glass), which in hindsight I think I’d agree with. Kinda strange, but I guess it works!
Let’s not forget about our free appetizers. We went with the fried calamari. It was pretty delicious…you can’t really go wrong with this one. We definitely don’t eat fried food too often, so it was a good treat.
I think the tart taste of the wine was a good pair for sushi. Sweet wine probably wouldn’t have been a good match.
Here we had the spicy salmon roll, the spider (fried crab, avocado & cucumber), and shrimp tempura.
We also had the California roll and the devil. The devil is tuna with spicy Japanese mustard. Kyle tried one of those and warned me that it might not be the roll for me. I don’t do flame-in-your-mouth hot like Kyle does, and the devil was making his eyes water. I let him eat all size pieces.
It seems like every time I try sushi, I like it more and more. A year ago, you wouldn’t catch me around the stuff! I’m becoming quite the fan, which Kyle appreciates, because he loves sushi. The shrimp tempura is still my favorite, but the California and the spicy salmon were tied for second, trailing closely by the spider. The spider and spicy salmon were new to me last night, so I think it’s a good sign that I’m finding more variety to the rolls I can eat.
We had a really great time at Na’an, enjoying the last of our wine at the bar before heading home. The rest of the evening was spent catching up on DVR and spending some quality time with Barkley. B isn’t allowed up on the furniture, so if we want to give him some puppy cuddle time, we usually make a bed on the floor. 
He looks pretty cozy, eh?
Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day, and enjoy your Friday! Who has a Wine of the Week for me? 


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