Wine of the Week – Apothic Red

While I was back home on vacation in Waupaca, my mom and I went out for dinner and some drinks one Saturday evening. We went to one of her favorite spots for a bite to eat, called T-Dubs. T-Dubs is an Irish pub, located in a 140 year old building with wooden architecture. The place gives a really warm and friendly vibe.
The bartender suggested I try a glass of Apothic Red. After sampling it, I had him pour me a glass. (Don’t worry, I only asked for the bottle for the picture… ūüôā )¬†
Apothic wines are crafted from California grapes by winemaker Boyd Morrison. The Apothic wines follow an old tradition, where wines were blended and stored in a place called ‘Apotheca.’

Apothic Red is a very smooth wine, and a blend of the following:
You can find a bottle of Apothic Red for around $12. Definitely one you need to try! While we sat at the bar, we ordered one of the many delicious looking appetizers on the T-Dubs menu. We settled on the bruschetta, which had a balsamic tasting tomato blend.
I had several pieces…
We had a very lovely evening! 
Have you tried a new red lately?
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