Wine of the Week: 3 Blind Moose

As any regular it’s-almost-Friday-celebration Thursday would turn out, it was a good night for a couple glasses of wine.  I asked Kyle to pick one up for me on his way home from work. The trade-off? I made some pretty excellent Mexican Meatloaf for dinner! But more about that delicious dinner creation another time. I promise!

The first taste of this wine was a little off to me. I got a heavy oaky flavor that took me a bit by surprise. It had a fruity flavor to it, and not as buttery as I thought it might be, since it is such a rich color. This Chardonnay is full-bodied, one of the thickest Chardonnay’s I have had in a while.
After another few sips, I enjoyed it a lot more. I find that this happens every time I drink a full-bodied, oaky Chardonnay. As long as the oak or buttery flavors aren’t too overpowering, it grows on me pretty quickly.
For some reason I could not get a direct link for the winery of the variety to work, so no additional info on the winery or history for you! 
Instead, let’s take a vote. Do you prefer stemless wine glasses, or regular stemmed glasses? I vote stemless! Stemmed glasses are too formal for me… they don’t seem right when I’m drinking wine in leggings and an over-sized sweatshirt. 🙂
I will spend the rest of the day hobbling around, since I appeared to have killed my glutes during yesterdays leg day. Who would have known that taking three months off of heavy leg lifting during half marathon training would make for extra sore legs? Just kidding. I knew.
Church tonight, relaxing tomorrow, and up bright and early Sunday morning for church. We’re cooking an Easter meal with my sister, Derek and Kacie. Should be a great weekend! Hope you all enjoy yours!

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