Where Do You Get Your Vitamin D?

Where Do You Get Your Vitamin D?

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Last summer I went to the doctor to have some routine blood work done. It’s something I plan to schedule again soon to see what, if anything, has changed. (Even though I have an extreme fear of needles puncturing my skin.) Though my doctor wasn’t severely alarmed, she did ‘flag’ low levels of vitamin D in my original blood work. She gave me a prescription to boost it up back to more normal levels, so I’m hoping my vitamin D levels will be a little more on track next time around.

It got me thinking… how do you get Vitamin D? The only way I really knew of was from sun exposure, which I thought I got plenty of!

Vitamin D is found in very few foods. A quick list of foods Vitamin D is in can be found here. These include:

  • Swordfish, salmon, tuna
  • real milk
  • yogurt fortified with Vitamin D
  • egg yolks

Those are the only foods from the list I might encounter in my daily routine, and none of them except egg yolks show up very often.

So, if one doesn’t get enough sun exposure or from the small list of foods, what then? Enter vitamin D supplements.

Guess I need to get better at taking my supplements! It’s something I’m working to get in the habit of doing. Of course, any nutrient deficiencies could be from a number of things. I’m not a medical health professional so I won’t attempt to give my own diagnosis to my vitamin D deficiencies. When my original blood work was done, however, I had only been cleaning up my diet for 6-8 months. It’s no coincidence I had some minor deficiencies…and high cholesterol. Makes you think how the way you treat your body actually affects it!
Do you ever get routine blood work done? Do you take supplements?

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