What Your Toothbrush Looks Like Under a Microscope

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So I caught wind that October is National Dental Hygiene Month.

Do you floss daily? If you don’t, you can get plaque build up that could lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

I don’t have any stats on that. But I do have an image of what your toothbrush looks like under a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). SEM is a high power microscope that allows you to view materials at a really small (nanoscale) level.

Before you read on, I will warm you that this material is graphic and may not be appropriate immediately after eating.

Ok, so may it’s not that bad. But it’s pretty freakin’ gross!

Image by Steve Schmeissner, Courtesy of Science Photo Library

If that is just one bristle, imagine how disgusting your entire toothbrush must be?! I immediately got new toothbrushes for Kyle and myself after seeing this.

If this doesn’t get you to floss, I don’t know what will.

Be honest, how often do you floss? I probably do about 4 times a week.

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