What Are You Proud Of?

I’ve seen a lot of posts about positive body image lately. There were a couple really good posts on Olive to Run, showing how your self image is likely much different from how others see you. We often see ourselves in a more negative light… which is a habit to be worked on! (Myself included at times!) I think this applies to more areas than body image. Do you acknowledge the things that you have done and accomplished?

You should always be proud of and celebrate how far you’ve come in your goals, even if you aren’t there yet! Career goals? Fitness goals? Financial goals? Family goals? Being proud of the little things will help you appreciate the bigger picture when you get there. You will get there! Brag a little, it’s okay. 🙂 Here are a few accomplishments I proudly call my own.
I ran a half marathon that in itself was a goal. Something I never would have thought I could do until I put my mind to it.
I get down every once in a while about being a 26 year old that is still in school and making less than minimum wage. But, I need to remember that school is just a step in my career goals, and celebrate the accomplishments I achieve along the way. Like first place in my competition last weekend!

I used to be one of those girls that thought ‘I’ll do that when I’m in shape.’ I’ve become much more confident in my own body image, while still setting goals and chipping away at them as I go. One of my latest goals? Get some muscle definition.

This week I’ve been celebrating the appearance of baby triceps. Haha! I’ve been working to get a little bit leaner, so that the muscle I’ve worked hard to build can actually be seen. My body is not perfect and I am okay with that. It’s a work in progress. I won’t let a negative body image stop me from enjoying life.

Now, It’s your turn. I already know you’re awesome! So why don’t you brag about it a little bit? What have you done that has made you proud?

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