Weights Or Cardio First?

Weights Or Cardio First?

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I finally found a great explanation to the question. I’ve heard over and over that you should strength train before doing any cardio, but I never knew why.

Ok, to be honest I never really looked that hard. But then one day I came across it, and I thought I’d share.

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In an article in Women’s Health Magazine, a fitness expert explained that when you start working out with weights, your anaerobic energy is used up, and your body will resort to burning fat for energy when you start cardio.

I saw another article written by a body builder explaining that by weight training first, you use up your glycogen sources. Following a weight training session with cardio will help you achieve “shreddedness.” (I can’t help but think of shredded cheese when I read this.)

This explanation sort of reminds of of the fasted cardio question.

In any case, I don’t typically do cardio and weight training on the same day anymore. A dedicated cardio session might happen twice a week, where strength training happens three to four. Since I’ve gotten my Fitbit, my overall easy, walking cardio has increased to keep my step average up. Great motivation! And much more entertaining and bearable than anything else at this point. (I’m still out of love with running I guess. I’m sure the day will come when we love each other again. Some day.)

I can say that I think the Fitbit has been making me feel GREAT and energized. Maybe the change that I needed!

Tell me…
Do you do weights and cardio on the same day? If so, which order?

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