Weight Training vs. Cardio for Weight Loss

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I had decided yesterday I wanted to do weight training this morning, so I set up some exercises to work my shoulders and arms. I really like weight training, and hadn’t done it in almost two months, since we were doing Insanity and the two month workout schedule doesn’t involve weights. (However, you still get some muscle building from Insanity. It is a lot of cardio, but many of the moves help tone muscles. In two months I saw the most difference in my arms.)

After I planned out my routine, I stumbled on an article from FitStudio. The article was a response to a reader question: Do I need to lift weights to lose weight? The article said…

If you do too much cardio while dieting and not enough weight training, your body will break down muscle for fuel, which you DON’T want – because muscle burns calories! Weight training will help your body keep muscle, while still burning fat and losing weight.

Good info to know!

The shoulders and arms workout I did this morning took moves from the P90X workout, with a few changes. I did these workouts at home, so they were all using free weights. I did a 3 minute jog, 50 jumping jacks, arm circles, squats and stretch for a warm-up.

Shoulders and arms workout from slimsanity.com @slim_sanity

For each exercise, I used enough weight to get my muscles to fatigue after 12-15 reps. Some of the moves I went to lower weights for the second rep. I didn’t do each rep right after another, I did exercises 1-3 and repeated, 4-6 and repeated, etc. My triceps were burning after this workout. Which was good, because that’s one muscle that’s not quite as toned as I might like it to be.

After completing, I did a cool down jog and a quick ab workout:

  • dumbell side bends (25 each side)
  • leg lifts (25 reps)
  • hip raises (25 reps)
  • V-ups (25 reps)
  • low plank obliques (20 reps each side)

Today will be a busy day in the lab, so I had to get out the door. Breakfast was a protein shake: quick and easy. We just bought some new strawberry protein powder which is pretty tasty. We have switched to using almond milk instead of regular milk, since the only time we typically drink it is with protein shakes. Compared to regular milk, it has less calories, more calcium, more vitamin E, and less sugar. It also has less protein, but I get plenty of protein elsewhere in my diet.

All the work out commotion didn’t seem to disturb Mr. Barkley this morning. I think we woke him up before he wanted to…usually the other way around. He barely had any energy…which means I’ll have to prepare for the cheese ball when I get home!

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