Weekly Workouts #3

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I’m kinda proud, guys.

This is 4 weeks in a row that I’ve been keeping up with working out!

I didn’t write up last week since there were fewer workouts, but hey, I did a three and got all my steps in so I think that counts. 🙂

I can tell the second half of last week was heavy on push ups. My arms and upper back were super sore! I’m getting better at doing more full push-ups for each workout. For Friday’s workout, I did 6 full rounds with full push-ups. The other four I did modified. It’s amazing how well push-ups work your entire core! You never really think about it until your core starts to hurt more than your shoulders.

Kyle and I set an original goal for ourselves that once we were back working out for a full 6 weeks, we’d think about getting an LA Fitness membership. Neither of us have gyms at an apartment or work now, so if we ever want a treadmill or more equipment than we have at home, we’re kinda SOL. Although I can tell a difference in my fitness level with our at-home workouts, it’s always nice to have the option of a gym with more cardio or resistance equipment.

You know, for those muggy 100 degree days when a kick in the face sounds better than an outdoor jog.

Last week, I was particularly proud of the 800 meter ‘sprints.’ I sprinted best I could, and my first round was on set for a 7’20” mile. My second round was quite a bit slower at 8’30” – but both would be faster than my current average mile, which is falling around 9’00”.

Progress at it’s best!

Here is what last week’s workouts looked like.

Weekly Workouts #3

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What fitness goals are you proud of lately?

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