Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

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We did a great job getting back to meal planning last week after about two weeks of being off work and using up holiday leftovers. Now I suppose it’s time to give you guys a peak at what we’ll be doing each week again!

My approach to meal planning seems to change frequently. Either based on my mood (current mood = lazy) or what we have in the house, I make a plan that I know I will actually carry out. Some weeks it’s a little more intricate than others, and some weeks it is using the same crockpot pulled pork in three different ways as a spur of the moment decision when we get home from work.

The latter is closer to what happened last week. We had a bunch of food prepped and ready to go, and we made day-of decisions for lunch and dinner. I’ve gotta tell you, it made my life feel a little easier. Sometimes it can be a headache to decide what makes sense to eat each day, and then make sure you’re following a calendar to keep up with it. The approach of having longer-to-cook ingredients already made, with easy-to-prep ingredients on hand is probably where my mind will be at for a while!

And with the crockpot. I’m pretty much making it a rule that at least one major meal will be done in the crockpot every week! Less hassle, less brain power. I’m all about it on the weekends these days.

Below I’ve laid out a rough outline of what we’ll eat and when, but that is open to change if we want lasagna leftovers for lunch some day instead of pulled pork. I’ve also got a brief list of what I’ll be preparing ahead of time, in case you’d like to use this example today!

The Meals




  • Whole wheat zucchini muffins (new recipe)
  • Crockpot applesauce and Greek yogurt bowls
  • Snap peas or carrots and cilantro dressing or peanut butter (made without cinnamon)
  • Fruit

What I Will Prep Today

  • Pulled pork will thaw today and go in crockpot tonight
  • Black beans in the crockpot
  • Sweet potato fries will get roasted
  • Blend up black beans and brown ground beef for Mexican lasagna
  • Make pasta sauce with ground turkey in the skillet
  • Muffins were made yesterday
  • Applesauce was made late last week
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