Weekly Meal Plan: September 7 – September 13

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weekly meal plan

Today, I’m traveling back to Dallas from my hometown in Wisconsin. While I admit, I was a little reluctant for the trip since I’ve been so busy the last few weeks, it is always a good time to see family and friends back home. It was my first trip back in 2 years, and quite a bit overdue!

We won’t be headed back to Wisconsin again until Thanksgiving 2015 (Yep, our travel calendar is already booked up through next year!), but since my sisters live down in Dallas now, it really isn’t so bad. Plus, my mom and some other family will be making a trip down next February and March. Can’t blame them for trying to escape the nasty Wisco winters!

I am HAPPY to say that the rest of this fall should be full of relaxing weekends. And football. Probably lots of football. And hopefully lots of house work, too! We haven’t made too much progress in the last couple months because every weekend was booked with one event or another. Now we’ll have some wide open days begging for paint and yard work. YAY – my two favorite home activities… 😉

Come to think of it, not only have our weekends been booked, but our weeknights have been pretty booked up as well. We are becoming members of a church nearby, and have been attending some classes in the evenings, and church services on other evenings, along with Kyle’s softball schedule. And our natural tendency to try and be social during the week. Talk about exhausting!

This week I might actually get to cook in the evenings. Believe it or not, it’s something I’ve kinda been missing!

Here is this week’s meal plan:

Sunday – Travel day

Monday – Sandwiches (church classes)

Tuesday – Taco Pasta

Wednesday – Turkey Meatloaf and green beans

Thursday – Creole Black Bean Taquitos (new recipe in the works)

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Out to dinner – going to see Aziz Ansari!

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What new recipes are you trying this week?

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