Weekly Meal Plan: September 21 – September 27

Weekly Meal Plan: September 21 – September 27

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Weekly Meal Plan

Ok soooo…

I kinda took the whole weekend off from anything blog related. It was my birthday and I wanted to do all things relaxing, which meant nixing technology pretty much the entire time.

Which also means I have a liiiittle bit to catch up on this week. Including my last Healthy Dessert Month recipe. Eep! I have one to take pictures of, but there was another recipe I wanted to get done, too.

Here’s to hoping I get it all finished – tonight. Lots on my plate, I guess!

Including last night’s leftover chicken wings!

Sunday – Grilled chicken wings

Monday – Leftover grilled chicken wings

Tuesday – Chef Salads

Wednesday – Grilled porkchops and carrot fries

Thursday – Creamy White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese based on this recipe

Friday – Turkey meatloaf

Saturday – Chicken fajitas at game night

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