Weekly Meal Plan: September 14 – September 20

Weekly Meal Plan: September 14 – September 20

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Weekly Meal Plan

Guess what week it is! Guess what WEEK it is!!

It’s my birthday week!! Which means I’m probably gonna eat a lot of whatever I want all week long.

Within reason, of course!

This week is going to be semi-busy, but not too busy over the weekend. That was my birthday request this year – do be able to relax and hang out low key since we’ve been all over the place the last few weeks!

Here’s a look at what we have planned for this week!

Sunday – Grilled porkchops and green beans

Monday – Grilled chicken salad with avocado ranch dressing

Tuesday – Dinner at church

Wednesday – Sandwiches/softball night

Thursday – Tomato Basil Goulash

Friday – Birthday dinner! Grilled chicken wings (hopefully with a homemade barbeque sauce)

Saturday – Dinner with friends

Linking up with The Organizing Junkie this week!

What’s on your meal plan?

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