Weekly Meal Plan: November 17 – November 23

Weekly Meal Plan: November 17 – November 23

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weekly meal plan

I think I’m going to keep this week nice and easy for dinner. Being busy with work, and my mom coming into town in a week, I don’t need to be adding fancy things to my plate this week. 🙂

Sunday – Pizza night will likely happen, depending on how tired we are after camping this weekend! But it’s still a safe bet for Spinach and Chicken White Sauce Pizza.

spinach and chicken healthy white sauce pizza

Monday – I have ground turkey waiting in the fridge especially for these bad boys. They are my favorite burger to make! Black bean turkey burgers and carrot fries


(Burgers not shown with the fries here)

Tuesday – out to dinner with friends

Wednesday – Mid week…Sandwiches for sure.

Thursday – Some kind of pasta. I’ve been thinking maybe new lasagna recipe of some sort. Or I’ll make it easier with Creamy Green Veggie Sauce.

creamy green veggie pasta sauce 2

Friday – After a long week, the usual Friday is casual. The last couple weeks have been out of the ordinary where we’ve had some big social events going on, but I’m looking forward to keeping this one low key. Maybe a nice at home date night with Shrimp Fried Rice. And wine.

chicken and shrimp fried rice 2

Saturday – Dinner with friends… again. We’re popular this week! We’re been invited to a friend’s house, and I’m not quite sure what’s on the menu there. I did hear that someone is bringing a fancy dessert, so I think we’ll be okay!

What’s on your plate this week?

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