Weekly Meal Plan: March 2 – March 8

Weekly Meal Plan: March 2 – March 8

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weekly meal plan

So as it turns out, Dallas is not free of the ‘polar vortex’ hammering down winter weather advisories across the United States. Yesterday was 80 degrees and sunny, this morning at 10 AM it is 30 degrees and snow flurries. With freezing rain on the advisory tonight, I fully expect an ‘ice day’ cancelling, or at least delaying, many schools and work commutes.

It will probably be 80 by the end of the week again, so who knows! In any case, with cold weather on the front, I plan to get my fill of delicious soups this week. Read on for this week’s meal plan!

Sunday – Chicken taquitos

Monday – Chicken pot pie soup (new recipe)

Tuesday – Creamy asparagus soup and sandwiches

Wednesday – Turkey Meatloaf

Thursday – Stuffed Shells from this recipe

Friday – out

Saturday – Steaks and homemade fries

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