Weekly Meal Plan: July 20 – July 26

Weekly Meal Plan: July 20 – July 26

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weekly meal plan

So the weather has been unseasonably cool for July in Dallas. I am most definitely not complaining. I actually thought about adding chili to the meal plan this week…

That didn’t fly with Kyle, though. In fact, he poked fun at me about it. I mean… I’d honestly eat chili even if it was 100 degrees outside! Nothing wrong with that, right? Guess we’ll skip the chili this week and save it for another time!

This week, I’m working on the Mexican goulash recipe and editing. As far as new recipes go, I have a couple ideas I might try out if I get time. A coconut dessert has been on my mind for a while, and I dreamed up an orange chicken recipe the other day that I’m pretty anxious to experiment with.

Food prep this week is going to be lots of grilled chicken. It’s got me hooked!

This week’s meal plan:

Sunday – Homemade grilled pizza

Monday – Chef salads

Tuesday – Healthy Turkey Meatloaf

Wednesday – Softball night, probably sandwiches

Thursday – Turkey burgers

Friday – Stuffed grilled chicken

Saturday – Dinner with friends

Orange chicken? Yay or nay?

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