Weekly Meal Plan: January 12 – January 18

Weekly Meal Plan: January 12 – January 18

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weekly meal plan

Well, I had no good reason for not getting this up yesterday other than I wanted to catch up on sleep.

Out of bed around 10 AM. Napped from 12-2 PM. In bed again at 8 PM. No wonder I woke up before my alarm this morning!

Anyhow, here’s what will be served in my kitchen this week!

Sunday – homemade pizza with whole wheat pizza crust

Monday – black bean turkey burgers with carrot fries

Tuesday – Burrito bowls (I’ll get around to writing this up sooner or later)

Wednesday – Panko popcorn chicken (experimental recipe)

Thursday – Homemade pesto (TBD) and pasta (#foodprocessor)

Friday – out or leftovers

Saturday – Loaded potato nachos

potato nachos 3 600

Tell me…
Are you trying anything new this week?

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