Weekly Meal Plan: February 16 – February 22

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weekly meal plan

I’m starting to think I forgot what relaxation feels like.

On Saturday, I woke up around 7, started a workout at 7:30. Worked out until 8:30… proceeded to clean the bathroom, vacuum, mop, wipe counters, do laundry. Work on my thesis edits. Plan out some experiments in the lab and blog posts for the week.

I don’t think I’m ready to have downtime yet. Weird?

In any case, I’m hoping to tackle some new recipes this week. We’ll see how they turn out!

Sunday – White Sauce Spinach and Chicken Pizza

Monday – Chicken Chef Salad

Tuesday – Pork chops and mushroom couscous (new recipe)

Wednesday – Date night

Thursday – Chicken and spinach mushroom saute (new recipe)

Friday – Wine and dessert trial for my bridal shower 🙂

Saturday – Chicken tacos

Tell me…
What new recipes are you trying this week?

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