Weekly Meal Plan: December 14 – December 20

Weekly Meal Plan: December 14 – December 20

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Weekly Meal Plan

Well my friends, we have one ‘normal’ week left before our week full of fun and adventure with the Ehle family for Christmas.

That’s right – Kyle’s entire immediate family is driving down from Indiana to spend Christmas in Dallas this year. 🙂 I’m SO EXCITED! My sisters are also staying in Dallas this year, so it’s going to be a VERY Merry Christmas.

Now if we could only get some snow on the ground during these 60 degree Dallas December days…

Yea, don’t worry – your eyes are not deceiving you! I asked for snow… a little snow on Christmas is always the best. And then it can all melt the day after Christmas until the next year. 🙂

We are checking off a whooole bunch of items on our final to-do list before the family comes down. Today is our last chance to get a lot of them finished. Then I’m doing some decorating crafts this afternoon! So, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I’ve got chores and food prepping to do!

Weekly Meal Plan


  • Scrambled eggs

Lunches – will make 8 total


Tuesday Wednesday

We ended up not making this last week because we had leftovers, and went out one night because a friend came to town!


Family is in town on Saturday, so it’s kinda up in the air what we will end up doing. Some nights we want to go out, others we will do some easy meals! I will likely plan to have some crockpot dishes ready, but I still have to coordinate with the fam to see what we want to have made.

What I’m Prepping Today

Recipes in this meal plan

What’s on your meal plan?

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