Weekly Meal Plan: August 4 – August 9

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weekly meal plan

Woof. Talk about a JAM PACKED weekend.

Friday night Kyle and I ran lots of errands and purchasing some new goods for our backyard patio to get ready for a surprise birthday party we were throwing with Brittany for our sister, Jacci. We ran to Macy’s, Walmart, Target, back to Walmart, and Home Depot! We called it a night around 10 PM.

Saturday morning we were up early for a vet appointment for Barkley, which we followed with cleaning the house, yard work, and more errands. Well, errands for Kyle, anyhow. I went to a friend’s baby shower for a couple hours in the afternoon before finishing up some last minute things for Jacci’s party.

Which, she was, surprised about! We managed to do a great job rounding everyone up for a good time. We grilled out, played some yard games and enjoyed some adult beverages.

On Sunday, we went over to my sister’s place for a pool day, and finished out the day with a trip to Costco. Our FIRST trip to Costco, which I’ll probably be filling you guys in on in a couple of weeks!

So yea, not much time to do any blogging. Or food planning. Or…much of anything else but have fun!

To sum up last week’s workout, it was a bit of a rest week. I did a workout on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, but the rest of the days were either yard work, cleaning, or nothing at all. Getting back on the grind this week!

Last but not least for today’s little update is our meal plan.

Monday – Grilled chicken and green beans

Tuesday – Chef salads

Wednesday – Sandwiches/church night

Thursday – Mexican meatloaf

Friday – Pork chops with roasted broccoli

Saturday – black bean turkey burgers on the grill

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