Weekly Meal Plan: August 24 – August 30

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weekly meal plan

I secretly wish that it was thunderstorming (apparently not a word? according to spell check) today like it was last Sunday. There’s something about a rainy day that is really calming on a weekend!

Although, it did seem to be raining ice water over here this weekend. Kyle and I both did the ‘ice bucket challenge,’ along with two of our other friends in our back yard. Silly stuff – although this ice bucket campaign has helped raise over $50 million dollars to the ALS foundation. We had already donated to a close friend’s personal fundraiser for the Walk to Defeat ALS, whose father passed away from the disease.

It seems that soon everyone will have taken the challenge, and I think it’s really great. (Even though I myself felt pretty silly doing this on camera – or doing anything on camera, really.) Don’t complain about a ‘silly fad’ that will hopefully change the lives of families one day! From a researchers standpoint, I hope that a good portion of this money indeed goes to funding grants for laboratory and clinical studies investigating treatments for ALS.

Besides raining bucket of ice, our weekend was also consumed with our fantasy football draft for the year. I feel pretty good about my team – better than last year. (Although Aaron Rodgers slipped just pick out of my grasp, sadly. I guess I’ll survive.) Last year I ended up in last place in the league, so honestly I really can’t do any worse. 😉

As for the rest of this non-rainy day, I’ll be doing lots around the house and hopefully some food prep if we don’t put going to the grocery off until tomorrow!

Here’s this week’s meal plan.

Sunday – Personal homemade pizzas

Monday – Grilled chicken and avocado sandwiches

Tuesday – Spinach stuffed turkey meatballs

Wednesday – Sandwiches -church/softball

Thursday – Saturday – TBD, we’ll have a visitor in town!

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What’s on your plan this week?

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