Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Follow this weekly meal plan for affordable, healthy recipes all week long! Your family will thank you. | slimsanity.com

I was so ready for last week to be over. Just one of those weeks, ya know? Seemed to drag oooon and on and on. Weeks like that really help you appreciate the weekends! Kyle and I had a fairly low-key weekend, and did end up going to dinner and a movie on Friday night as our Valentine’s outing! We went to Studio Movie Grill to see How to Be Single. In hindsight, that’s a pretty ironic movie to see on Valentine’s Day weekend. BUT, it was hilarious. It was a little more of a chick-flick than I had anticipated, but we both still really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs! We love doing dates at Studio Movie Grill, and they’re starting to renovate all the locations in the Dallas area. Have you ever been? Their food is so good!

Other than our date night, our weekend wasn’t too eventful! We babysat for our friend’s baby boy last night, which went just fine. 🙂 I’m thinking today is gonna be fairly relaxing, though I do have some blog work I wanna get done. I’m doing some easy photoshoots this weekend, giving myself a bit of a mental break. Running this blog on the weekends can take a lot of work! I’m a little nervous to see how it all goes when baby girl is here, though I know it’ll all play out how it’s supposed to be. For now, I’ll just take the time to relax and drink my bulletproof coffee (I’m back to drinking caffeine again. YAY. In moderation, of course!) and enjoy my weekend!

Last week was a little bit of a different kind of meal plan, since we made a lot of food for the Superbowl! Most of our options were healthier, so I didn’t feel bad about having them in the fridge prepped for the rest of the week. Here’s a look at what we had on last week’s meal plan!

The Meals

I made my own breakfast all week, but Kyle had frozen breakfast burritos




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