Wedding Week: Something Blue

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Are you ready for another project? Today is my turn with something blue.

Marine blue is the color of my bridesmaid’s dresses. I wanted to incorporate small pieces of that into my wedding decorations. I chose to start with my table centerpieces, since I knew I’d be making most of those myself.

Kyle and I are getting married in a barn type venue, so I wanted to go with an elegant rustic theme. I also was a fan of all the wine bottle centerpieces I was seeing. Plus, who doesn’t need an excuse to open up a few more bottles? 🙂

I took a trip to Michael’s to see what I could find. I found the perfect color of blue ribbon. I also got some gold spray paint for a different look for some bottles. I bought the ‘E’ spur of the moment to play around with!

1. Remove labels from the bottles. I found the easiest way to do it was soak the bottles in soapy warm water for an hour. Plastic labels will require Goo Gone. I had mostly paper labels, and they peeled off easily. I used a scrub brush to get off any remaining glue.

2. Once bottles are dry, wrap with twine. The Weldbond glue worked great. I glued a piece of twine on one side of the bottle, and carefully wrapped it around. I put some additional glue between the twine, and then glued the top end well. The glue dries clear, so a little more glue where you need it won’t be bad.

3. While bottles are drying, spray paint! I completely coated with one coat, and it was dry after only a few minutes. I added a second coat to cover up any spots you could see through.

4. Add ribbon to twine bottles. I want to make several bottles that are different from each other. I put some of the ribbon on top of the twine, and some on the glass itself. For the ribbon on top of the twine, I wrapped the ribbon twice and glued. For the ribbon on the glass, I wrapped several times and glued.

5. Add beads where desired. I started decorating the gold bottles with the beads. I want to put some of them on the twine bottles too.

6. Display with flowers! The flowers in the picture are the color I’ll decorate with at the wedding. I plan to use some pops of yellow color too.

I think I’ll add some wine corks to the center pieces, to give it more of the wine theme.

I really like how the gold pieces turned out with it!

The letter turned out well over all, but it was difficult to spray paint. The paint didn’t want to stick to the wood, and I had to do several more coats than I did with the glass. I’ll probably display it by the gift or cake table.

Now I only have 100 more to go! 🙂

Make sure to stop and check out the other projects this week! 

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