Wedding Update: Planning

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Only 259 days until we get hitched.

Sounds so far away, but I’m sure that the time will fly by! We already have a lot of our planning done. Partly because I’m a control freak and wanted everything done right away. And partly, because we’ll be getting married on a holiday weekend, and we wanted to be safe in booking on time!

Here’s a run down of some of the planning we’ve done.

  • Date: Saturday May 24, 2014
  • Location: Fort Wayne, IN
  • Theme: Rustic/elegant
  • Colors: Navy blue and pink, with pop colors of yellow/mustard/gold (deciding, depends on what we have to work with)
  • Venues: Booked. Ceremony will be held at a church, venue separately. (Locations not disclosed for privacy purposes.)
  • Photographer: Booked, Holly Heath Photography
  • Engagement pictures: Today!
  • Caterer: Part of venue, so booked. Going with a pulled pork buffet.
  • Florist: Kyle’s mom has done flowers in the past, so she will be doing the flowers for our wedding
  • Guest List: Done!
  • Wedding Party: Chosen
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Chosen! I’ll put up pictures when I have more
  • Groomsmen Tuxes: We know we like light gray, haven’t chosen a style yet.
  • Invitations: Ordered (haha… funny story about these, read on)

I think… that’s about it thus far.

Planning hasn’t really been too stressful yet, we’ve had fun with most of it. Budgeting is nothing new to us, but it has been our biggest point of discussion (not disagreement) thus far. You don’t know how expensive a wedding can be until (HOLY CRAP) you are planning one. A few decisions we’ve made to help us to cut costs:

  • I found my dream wedding dress ON SALE at David’s Bridal. Honestly, there are like a million ‘dream wedding dresses’ out there, you WILL find one you love in your price range, I promise!
  • Went with affordable venues. I really wanted an outdoor wedding, but we found that was out of our price range. The venue we have has a rustic feel to it, and I’m confident it will be just as pretty as any outdoor ceremony/reception!
  • Silk flowers over real flowers, and having a family member help arrange them.
  • I have a friend doing my hair as a wedding gift. Save on day of and trial runs!
  • Not doing a sit down dinner, buffet style is much more affordable.
  • Thinking about a cookie bar instead of cake.
  • We aren’t going overboard on engagement pictures. We have a friend with a nice camera who takes pictures as a hobby doing some. We also have a few free poses with our wedding photographer we’ll take over Christmas when we’re in Indiana next. Plus, we have the rest of our lives┬átogether to take as many pictures as we want. We can get another professional shoot done when we can afford them.
  • Making my own table center pieces.
  • Found CHEAP invitations on Vista Print.

Oh… invitations. I did the number one thing you DON’T want to do when planning your wedding.

Kyle and I were discussing budgets one day, and thought we might be able to cut down our budget on invitations. After browsing for a while, we found a cute template we both really liked on Vista Print. For the number we ordered, they were less than $0.60/each, and matching RSVP cards were $0.40. Can’t beat that, right? Well, I didn’t want this deal to go away, so I went through the process of customizing and ordered.

A week later, they came in the mail. When I got the box, I opened them immediately and sent Kyle a picture of one so he could see them. His response, “Please tell me that the address to the church isn’t wrong.”

Yep, the ceremony address was wrong. Somehow I turned the street name from ‘State’ into ‘St.’ Which would send people unfamiliar with the church to a totally bogus place in GoogleMaps-ville.

I was mortified, and immediately got on the phone with Vista Print. Turns out, it wasn’t a typo on their end but on mine. Ahh! But, Vista Print was AWESOME and reprinted our invitations for free, we just had to pay to have them reshipped. So we were out only $18 instead of $250+.

I’m lucky that my fiance is amazing and was a good sport about it. He said I had a case of wedding brain, and that we couldn’t be mad about it because there was no undoing it, even though I continued to kick myself in the butt. We lucked out, fortunately!

Tell me…
Did you ever have a case of ‘wedding brain?’ If you could go on a honeymoon anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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