14 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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It’s wedding season! Mine is over, but the season itself is surely not. It seems every other day there is a new engagement of someone I know. Exciting times!

We tried to be as budget savvy with our wedding planning as we could. Of course, we did not go the bare minimum, but we were respectable with planning a wedding we wanted. Here are my tips for ways to save on your wedding!

ways to save money on your wedding

  1. Compromise between real and fake flowers. You could also go all fake, too. The bouquets in our wedding used mostly real flowers, but the most expensive flower I wanted, peonies, would have had to be imported from Holland (What?) and raised the price of the flower cost about $400. Instead, there were fake peonies incoporated. And the bouquets turned out great!
  2. Have the reception immediately following the ceremony and skip serving appetizers for the guests during a cocktail hour. Drinks and dinner were ready immediately once the reception started. Our reception was from 7-Midnight. The wedding party arrived one hour after the reception. Guests didn’t have to wait for us and we were able to eat after our ‘grand entrance.’
  3. Buy a wedding dress on sale. It was a couple seasons out of style, which really didn’t mean too much to me. I found mine at David’s Bridal, and had the alterations completed there too.
  4. Borrow jewelry. Know anyone recently married? Try asking them to use their jewelry as your something borrowed!
  5. Make your own centerpieces. We rented linens, ceiling draping, and lighting for our reception, but made many of our own centerpieces. This helped with cost a bit – but to be honest, this was the area I wanted to splurge on a bit with our wedding. 😉
  6. Ask if there are weddings before or after you at your venue. You might be able to split costs of some decorations! One of my friends did that with some chandeliers at her venue.
  7. Order invitations from Vista Print!
  8. Design your own stationary and have it printed from Vista Print or UPS.com.
  9. Use a post card Save The Date if you’re sending one. They are about $0.15 cheaper to send out than an envelope.
  10. You can save money on postage by asking guests to RSVP online.
  11. Michael’s has the cheapest thank you cards. I found a box of 40 for $10, and they have cute designs too.
  12. Make sure to shop around for photographers. Some have an engagement session included in your wedding package.
  13. Or if you know a friend with a good camera, ask if they’ll take some engagement pictures for you!
  14. Don’t buy as many servings of cake as you have guests. You will have a ton extra, I’m sure of it. We had 290 guests RSVP, and had 250 servings of cake. We could have gotten away with 200 servings.

What tips can you give for saving money on a wedding?

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