Veggies Have Protein, Too!

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How much protein do you eat daily? How much of your daily protein is plant-based?

I’m not here to talk about how much protein you are supposed to eat or what proteins are good and bad for you. (At least not today.) I get a lot of my protein from egg whites and the day’s lean meat of choice. I try not to rely on processed protein powder too much, though I have 1/2 – 1 scoop a day on a regular basis.

When I eat vegetables, I typically think I’m getting only nutrients and low calorie carbohydrates. I was surprised when I saw that a serving of Brussels sprouts had 7 g of protein. Not too bad!

Today, I encourage you to try and eat more plant-based protein. I’m not saying you should completely change your way of eating, but there are some benefits to getting more protein from the ground.

  • It’s cheaper than buying meat (Cheaper is always great in my book!)
  • It’s not processed like protein powders are
  • Veggies are higher in fiber, and lower in fats
  • Vitamins!
  • No growth hormones to beef up your tomatoes

Take a look at this list, and see whether your favorite veggies pack a mean protein punch!

*All nutrition information taken from USDA food database

What is your favorite vegetable? Is it on the list?

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