Using Twitter: Post Promotion and Etiquette

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Blog Tip Friday is back with a fresh post on using social media. Bloggers get great exposure from post promotion through social media. Millions of people are using Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest every day. What better way to get them to see your content?

Growing your blog is not just about getting people to read your posts. It is also about building relationships. By building relationships with readers, companies, ad agencies, and other bloggers, you’ll open up doors to many other opportunities – and even make some new friendships.

Twitter is one of my favorites for blogging. There is an endless stream of content that is super easy to find. It’s so easy to find others with similar interests and jump into conversations with them.

Just because a person follows you does not automatically guarantee they are going to open every single link you post. Here are eight tips to get people more interested in you and your blog through Twitter.

1. Tweet more than your own content – Start a conversation.

People are reading your blog because they like you, as well as the content you are putting out there. Whether it’s a reader or another blogger, get to know them through Twitter. The average follower will likely be more vested in reading your posts if they feel like they know you a little bit better.

Promote other blog posts you read and like. Don’t expect to get people to share your content if you’re never sharing anyone else’s.

2. Be creative when tweeting links to your posts.

If I look through your Twitter feed and see eight posts in a row of ‘New Post! Blah blah recipe/workout’, I won’t be as interested in following you. A reader who doesn’t follow 1000s of people like a blogger does might get bored seeing the same thing show up on their feed throughout the day.

Post promotion tweets are don’t have to be the title of your post. Make them an exert or related fact from the post, which draws your attention so much more than the ‘Hey look! I have a new post come read!’

3. Don’t promote your Facebook page in an automatic message.

I get annoyed when I follow a new person and get a message from them asking me to like their Facebook page. Why? Maybe I found you through Twitter and haven’t read your blog, and I don’t even know if I like it yet. Maybe I don’t like Facebook as a social media outlet that much (which I don’t.) Let me get to know you and your blog first, then let me decide if I want to find out if you even have a Facebook page.

If I like a blog, I follow and promote it. The same will go for other people who like your blog, don’t force it.

4. Make your twitter handle relatable to your blog.

This helps when people are searching for you on twitter, or want to tag you in a post. They probably remember the name of your blog, but might not remember how to spell your name or all the numbers you have added to your twitter handle.

5. Make sure you have a good profile.

Your twitter profile should include:

  • A good head shot
  • A descriptive (as best you can do) bio
  • A link to your blog
  • Location (if you disclose this info)

This will make you feel more personable. It also might lead people who stumble across your Twitter to follow you. The other day I followed a girl who had #PurdueAlum in her profile. I’m also Purdue Alum, I thought it was cool so I struck up a conversation! Having a link to your blog in your Twitter profile will also allow new followers to get there on their own without the annoying ‘Give me more follows and views!’ messages.

6. Find new followers.

I frequently go to my recommended followers list and follow all the people who seem to have common interests as me: health, fitness, and food. I will also go to other bloggers following/follower list and find new people there.

More followers equals more chances to connect with other bloggers and get your blog promoted. Many other Twitter users also follow the next step of advice.

7. Follow people back.

It’s the nice thing to do. Unless the person represents or tweets things you don’t promote or believe in, or some other reason that makes sense. I try to follow every blogger or fitness/health enthusiast that follows me. Since I have been following people back my Twitter following has grown substantially.

So you don’t want your feed clogged up with tweets? That’s what lists are for!

8. Be polite and say thank you.

Thank the people who share your content. Retweet them, too. A retweet doesn’t just present your content to the Twitter world again, it also gets exposure for the person who shared it!

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What is your favorite social media outlet? Do you often interact with others on Twitter?

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