Ultimate Burn Leg Workout

Ultimate Burn Leg Workout

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Today I’ve got a little fitness recap for you!

With life being so busy, workouts have not been as frequent as they used to be. I’m still making sure to get my daily step goal in. This has proven to be pretty easy with all the errands and running around I’ve been doing! Yesterday I hit a milestone using my Fitbit, and received a badge for my first ever 20,000 step day!

fitbit 20k step badge

Since I’ve been hitting my step goal, which is 10,000 steps, every day, I haven’t been doing a lot of cardio workouts. Usually I hit 40+ ‘active minutes’ a day anyhow. I will still walk in the morning or evening with the pup, but no HIIT workouts or elliptical lately.

photo 2

There have been a few mornings where I’ve been able to run around with the pup outside, so a few bursts of sprinting here and there!

photo 3

I’ve been getting in a strength workout 2-3 times a week. This is less than usual, so I’ve made sure that each workout I do counts!

photo 1 (1)

My fewer workouts have been structured a little bit differently. Normally, I have 2-3 upper body days where I’ll focus on a particular muscle group, 1 strictly lower body day, then a ‘whatever I feel like’ day that usually ends up being full body lifting. Now I’ve been doing 1 full body, 1 all upper body, and 1 lower body.

photo 4

My latest leg workout on Tuesday was another doosy! I’m still trying to continue doing moves that are challenging for me. Namely, single leg deadlifts and single leg (split) squats. Single leg deadlifts were still hard, but I was able to do 5 reps for each set without losing my balance too badly!

ultimate burn leg workout

I had about 30 minutes for a workout, so I did 2 or 3 sets of each exercise. I had to push through the exercises at the end. Even though they are done on the mat and not with heavy weights, it was not easy. My legs were definitely tired afterwards! And I had still managed to get 20k steps that day. Whew!

Even though I’m working out a little less, I still feel great. I knew my body needed some rest after being stressed out and sick. It shows how listening to your body is the best way to dictate fitness!

How many times do you strength train during the week?

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