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I just talked about this morning how sometimes I like to do strength workouts on only upper or lower body, but I saw this article today and thought I’d share some of the moves I like to do when I perform multi-functional exercises. Doing these two-in-one toning moves are good for when you have limited time to fit in a workout, since you’ll be doing more work per move.
Deadlift with Row
Sometimes I’ll incorporate the deadlift with a shoulder fly, but since I like to use heavier weights for both deadlifts and bent over row (my shoulders aren’t quite as strong).

Plank with Row

I like this one because its tough, you definitely feel it working being in a one arm plank position. I’ve done this one frequently, and saw it featured in the two-in-one toning article in Shape.
Lunge with Shoulder Fly
For me, I feel the lunge working without heavy weights, so I can incorporate the shoulder fly easily here. Sometimes even just holding the lunge position will work, opposed to doing a lunge rep with every shoulder fly rep. You could also incorporate a triceps kickback with holding a lunge.


Squat with Shoulder Press

I will do different variations of these, sometimes a normal squat, or more often a sumo squat. I more often will hold the squat while performing the arm exercise. Another arm exercise you can perform with the squat is the overhead triceps extension. (I like to make sure I get in my triceps moves!)

Bicep Curl with Lateral Leg Raise
This is one of the moves from the article in Shape I read. When I’m doing standing leg raises, I like to incorporate a resistance band for more of a challenge in the exercise.


Another move from the Shape article. I’m starting to slowly like doing burpees….even though they are really pretty difficult. But, they do work the whole body!

Several of these moves I learned and got ideas from the ChaLean Extreme DVDs from Beachbody. I enjoyed the ChaLean Extreme workouts because they were a little on the shorter side and incorporated a lot of weight training, with a couple kick-butt cardio workouts. If you like the two-in-one toning moves and are looking for a program, try out ChaLean Extreme!
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