The Triceps Challenge

The Triceps Challenge

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Don’t be deceived by my title. I’m not challenging you per se to a real triceps challenge.

But your triceps will be challenged with this new upper body workout!

Any kind of triceps push-up is a big challenge for me. So much so that I haven’t really challenged myself to do them… at all. Except for the triceps dips on a bench, I do those pretty frequently. For the traditional triceps push-up, I have to do them from my knees if I want to do more than one.

Let’s face it, getting one done with good form on my toes is a pretty incredible feat!

I didn’t want to set a certain number of push-ups for each triceps exercise because I know that they are difficult to do, and didn’t want to feel ‘defeated’ by them. Instead, I did them to failure – which only leaves room for improvement the next time I do this workout.

All these moves can be done with your favorite set of dumbbells!

the triceps challenge

Want to know these moves?

Swimmer’s Press
Bent over row
Triceps push-ups (or Sphinx push-ups)
Lateral flies
Diamond push-ups
Upright row
Dumbbell pullover – Lying on bench, hold dumbbell over your head. Move arms backward until dumbbell is even with bench, then raise again. (couldn’t find images for this one)
Pike push-ups
Front raises
Posterior raises (I didn’t use a bench for these)
Triceps dips (don’t necessarily have to prop your feet up for this one)

Tell me…
How many triceps push-ups can you do? Which is your favorite variation?

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