Treadmill Workouts That Don’t Suck

Treadmill Workouts That Don’t Suck

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Aaaah… running. We have such a strange relationship. On again… off again.

Lately, it’s been mostly off. Since the half marathon, I’ve run only a handful of times. My two handfuls. I keep thinking about how AWESOME it felt running the race, and how I proud I was finishing it.

My desire to run, or do much intense cardio in general for that matter, is gone. It’s vacationing somewhere, and if its on a beach, who knows when it will come back.

But like all things fitness, we don’t always want to do them. Sometimes, we just make ourselves do them.

Stepping outside doesn’t always work for me. I get distracted with the pup, or I slow down because I don’t have ground moving beneath me to physically keep me going. Oh… but the dreadmill. It can bore holes straight through my brain.

It’s important to have some go-to workouts that you KNOW will get you in the mood to workout. That is, once you get them started. These are my favorite treadmill workouts to get me through a good cardio session.

Treadmill Workouts

sunday morning HIIT

two steps forward treadmill workout

25 minute pyramid treadmill workout

Other workouts:
Run and Row via She Rocks Fitness
My Go-To 4 Miler via The Lean Green Bean
Bean The Boredom with Nut Butter Runner

How often do you do intense cardio?

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