training & upper body workout

Today’s workout is put on hold until later this afternoon. It was a little bit windy, and pretty chilly out this morning, so I figured an afternoon campus run sounded like a good idea. Plus, sometimes a change of scenery is nice, and I think there’s a few less hills on campus than where I live. I’ve got quite a bit on my to-do list this morning, on top of working with a couple of my students, so I should be ready for a run around 3:00-4:00 PM.
Since I didn’t workout, I did a couple of chores around the house before making breakfast. Two pieces of whole wheat toast, one over hard egg with an extra egg white, and salsa.
I also got my meals prepped for today, since the last couple of nights have been a bit lazy. I poached some chicken last night to shred up and season for salads this morning.
Along with the salad were some veggies for snacking, and protein powder and almonds to throw in some plain non-fat yogurt.
I sat down this morning to take a look at my training plan for the half marathon. I found a cute little calendar in the Dollar Spot at Target to keep track of what training I have, make notes about times, etc.
I wanted to do the Hal Higdon Intermediate program, which incorporates strength and tempo runs. That program has long runs on Sunday though, where I would prefer them on Saturday. So, I incorporated a bit of the Novice 2 program, which does long runs on Saturday and cross training on Sundays. I think I’m going to keep my runs between 3-5 miles until the end of the year, where I can pick up the training program. Maybe add a couple of tempo runs in the mix. We’ll see…with holiday events coming up, I’m not going to bend myself backwards trying to follow anything too strictly.
And last but not least, I have yesterday’s upper body workout for you, working the shoulders, biceps, and back. 
Biceps are feeling a little sore today, but not the shoulders so much. I maybe could have lifted a bit heavier for shoulder exercises, but it could also be a delay in soreness for me. That tends to happen sometimes!
When do you prefer to run or workout? Morning or later in the day?
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