Tips and Tricks for Food Photography

Tips and Tricks for Food Photography

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I’m no expert in food photography. It’s my hope that someday, I’ll be able to write a great post on food photography myself, with amazing food photos to back it up. I think I do an alright job with what I have to work with. That is: an iPhone 5, one window in my apartment with light, and no good lamps for taking pictures in the dark.

chicken and shrimp fried rice 2

You may have noticed my recipes and food pictures on Instagram have slowed down a bit. Most of my recipes have to happen on the weekends. My apartment has terrible lighting for taking any kind of pictures without natural light. Unfortunately, I get 60 minutes or less of natural light while I’m at home now, split between morning and evening. Thanks, winter!

Oh well, I’ve got plenty of other things to blog about for y’all!

Maybe some photography lamps will end up on my Christmas list this year….OK let’s be serious. I’ll be asking for a new pair of boots I really want. And some sweaters for the two to three months worth of randomly cold days we get here.

Ok, let’s get to the point. Today’s link round up is for photography. More specifically, food photography.

Grab a snack. These links might make you hungry.

tips and tricks for food photography

Tips and Tricks for Food Photography

I’ve been reading Pinch of Yum a lot lately. Good recipes, and great food photography/blogging tips.

Ten Household Items That Can Improve Your Food Photography via Pinch of Yum

Ten More Household Items That Can Improve Your Food Photography via Pinch of Yum

Behind The Scenes: 5 Tip Saving Tips for Food Photography via Pinch of Yum

Editing photos can make a huge difference, especially when you are using limited lighting or camera.

How to Brighten Food Photography with Photoshop Elements via Six Sister’s Stuff

8 Helpful Tips for Food Photo Editing via The Pioneer Woman

Ideas and tips for using different backgrounds

How to Take Food Photos with a Bright, White, Seamless Background via Veggie Belly

DIY Distressed Wood Photo Backdrop via Love and Olive Oil

Great general tips and tricks

7 Hot Tips for Food Photography via Backdrop Express

Food Photography – A Few of my Tips and Tricks via Katie’s Cucina

Food Photography Tips on a Budget via Family Spice

Do you consider yourself a food blogger?

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