Tip Toe Into Leg Day

Tip Toe Into Leg Day

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Another week, another leg day. Although I’ve been switching up my leg days by using resistance bands, I need to keep the variety going. Leg days are the hardest for me to get through, so incorporating different moves is important.

My latest leg day workout was done mostly on my tip toes. This makes me feel the burn so much more, as well as giving me a change from the usual squats and deadlifts! I also threw in the ‘screamers’ exercise to get a good burn in the booty.

With this workout, you’ll tip-toe in and out of leg day before you know you’re done! Until you feel the burn in the morning. 😉 Feel free to use weight with the squats and calf raises!

tip toe into leg day

Need to know the moves?
Heel-raised plie squats
Single leg press
Heel-raised squat (same idea as plies)
Calf raises

What’s your favorite leg exercise?

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