Take A Mental Break, You Shouldn’t Always Do It All

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I have 8 unfinished drafted posts. I tried really hard to finish just one of them yesterday, but it didn’t happen. I actually ended up adding one more idea to my queue instead of completing any of my other thoughts.

I’ve been super productive this week, and life has just been busy lately. At least that’s what it’s felt like. So today, I’m taking a mental break. Which means today you get a post about that.

Mental breaks from activities that feel like work (blogging doesn’t always, but on days like yesterday, it did) are necessary. Just as much as our bodies need physical breaks from working out, our brain needs a break from straining and stressing to check things off the ‘to-do’ list. Maybe Lindsay’s September Slow Down is growing on me.

I think we often feel compelled to do it all. But sometimes, less is more, right? My high priority ‘to-do’s’ are checked, so I’m going to let the rest go. If we do it all, all the time, we’ll go bananas. And nuts! 🙂

Writing isn’t always easy. Instead of letting a blog post feel like work, I’m going to do something I enjoy. Like making a smoothie and watching re-runs of Castle, and going to watch the fiance play softball. I’ll take Barkley for a walk. (This is exactly what I did yesterday.)

I’ll also enjoy some treats I made this week.

Peppermint Protein Truffles

And make a sandwich for dinner. Not all of my meals are new or fabulous creations.

Although I do make a mean sandwich.

How do you break away mentally? What helps calm you down on a stressful day?

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