We’ve been whole grain and protein mixing fools here lately. We decided we wanted pasta on the menu, so our chicken and broccoli we had planned ended up mixed up in an EVOO coated linguine. I made sure we had lots of greens in our dinner last night…

While I was poaching the chicken (forgot to thaw it out, like usual), I had the pasta cooking and started chopping up our greens. I like broccoli chopped into small florets when I’m putting them in casseroles or dishes. The broccoli was steamed, but I used a neat trick to wilt the spinach with the pasta… 
once the noodles were ready to be drained, I placed the spinach in the strainer, and let the hot water from the noodles wilt the spinach down. I placed the noodles back in the pan, and then we moved the spinach off to coat the noodles with 5 swirls of EVOO and let one table spoon of butter melt on them. We then stirred in the spinach and steamed broccoli.
Once the chicken was done, we chopped/shredded it and tossed it in a seasoning blend of garlic salt, basil, oregano, and pepper. We then stirred the chicken into the noodles and veggies and served.
I was definitely a fan of this dish! 
I liked having all the veggies in this pasta dish. I have an old bad habit, which is more like a case of ‘severely over-eating pasta’ syndrome. One bowl of this satisfied me though, I think having the veggies mixed in helped to fill me up. 
Here’s a quick overview..
I wanted to get a longer warm up jog in this morning, but my outer left hip is acting up. I believe it’s from my run yesterday. So a short jog led me to start my a superset workout I put together, which was  inspired by a post from Tina Reale, who is a personal trainer. 
I did each of these supersets three times. I performed the two exercises of one set back to back with little rest, then rested for one minute before I repeated again. I used 10 pound weights for most of these, except 15 pounds for the upright rows.
While I’d really have liked to get in some cardio this morning, I need to get my outer hip good and stretched out first. Generally, I’ve been doing a standing outer hip stretch before and after my runs.
This morning I’ve been trying to learn a little more about outer hip pain and stretches, since this is something that has started happening only in the last couple months. I think I’ll try this lying outer hip stretch too, and see if that works.

Hopefully a short run will be on the schedule for tonight.
I cooked up an egg, turkey bacon, and avocado sandwich for this morning’s breakfast. I was really kind of wanting something with peanut butter, but we’re out. Eek! Gonna have to go back to the store tonight.
I was in the mood for a gigantic mug of coffee this morning I guess, since Ms. Green M&M accompanied me with my meal. I got her in Las Vegas at the  M&M store like 4 years ago. She’s stuck around through thick and thin…such a great friend.
I suppose it’s time to go get in school mode. Later, folks!

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