Stock Your Kitchen With Healthy Eats

Stock Your Kitchen With Healthy Eats

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It’s another busy one, but on my way out the door I grabbed the grocery list off of the fridge and my ‘grocery envelope‘ so I can swing by Wal-Mart tonight and stock up the kitchen. I thought I’d write a quick post on what an average grocery list looks like!

As you all probably know, budgeting is big for me. I like to save money where I can…and a lot of the time, that means shopping at Wal-Mart. The store by my apartment has pretty decent produce, so it’s really not too bad to shop there. Produce from some of the local grocery stores is¬†better, and most of the time the price difference isn’t too great. But when we are needing anything from within the aisles, not around the perimeter of the store, that’s where we see the cost difference.

I put together a list of what the kitchen is normally stocked with. This would be an example of when the kitchen is completely bare, and we are prepared for a cart full of goods. Almost everything we buy is considered a ‘clean eat.’ Not many of our items are processed. Some of these like Cheerios, soups, turkey sausages are added for convenience, or days when we just don’t have time to cook a meal. Of course, we do also splurge on Mac ‘n Cheese once in a while, because everyone has their cheat meals!

**I should note that the ‘Other’ category are items that we buy sometimes, but not every time we go, so they don’t make it on ‘average trip’ list.

There are some healthier substitutes that I would like to make to the list, but cannot because I want to save money. Some of those include regular nonfat plain yogurt instead of Greek yogurt, and brown rice instead of quinoa. A lot of the ingredients used in Paleo cooking, such as coconut oil, don’t make the cut either. I would also love to buy Chia seeds, but they don’t sell those at Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods isn’t a budget friendly option.

Some day I’ll be able to get these things into my normal pantry rotation, but for now, this works really well for us. Healthy for us and the wallet!

Tell me…
Where do you typically grocery shop? Do you ever make lists, or do you wing it?

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