How Being Healthy Makes Me FEEL

How Being Healthy Makes Me FEEL

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my lifetyle makes me feel...

Kyle and I recently took an unexpected trip back home (his home) to Indiana.

My normal routine was thrown out of whack. And that is totally okay! It happens sometimes.

But I got to thinking (out loud) when we arrived back home…

Wow. I feel SO much better after being away from home than I have…ever. I must be doing something right.

In the past when we’d go out of town, I’d use it as an excuse to eat everything I would normally restrict myself from eating – in mass quantities.

Fast food? Supersize me. With a diet coke.
Oh, there’s cookies here? Thanks! I’ll take five.
Pizza for dinner? I’ll have a large. For myself.
What’s a vegetable?

So, what’s changed?

For starters, I’m staying on track while I travel.

NOW when I go out of town, I try to make the best choices I can when possible. Yes, there are still times I’ll order a latte at Starbucks, have pizza, and (be forced to) eat fast food. But these are things I might normally do in moderation at home – so I make sure to moderate the choices I make while I travel. Eat as healthy as I can – but not be ashamed if I want to split some french fries with the hubs.

Yes, I am actually open to sharing (most) food now. This is a new development for me that I’m kinda proud of.

Veggie and hummus snack plate

I passed up several kinds of my favorite chips for this snack plate!

But really… I’m just on track more often in general.

I took about one day to recoop when we got back from the traveling. I was tired, and from that a bit sluggish.

This usually takes a lot longer. I think I’m doing better because I FEEL better about myself and in my own skin most of the time. I am making MORE healthy choices than before during my normal routines. Sticking truer to a 80/20 or 90/10 lifestyle. In the past I thought I was, but I let it slip too much on the weekends and it became more of a 50/50 or 60/40 lifestyle. (Not that I ever keep track, just estimation!)

It makes me feel accomplished knowing that how I am living is actually making a positive effect – other than how I physically look.

And it helps me want to keep going! I can’t imagine ever going back to my ways eating out or going through the drive-thru all the time. Of not staying hydrated. Of not EXERCISING!

I feel so strong.

I feel energized.

I feel in control.



I’m even happy about wall sits…weird.

Do you want to feel this way too? Not just when you are on vacation – but all the time?

Then start trying to be healthier every day. And start today! Yes, it will take patience and practice making the right decisions for you. And a pinch of willpower. But I promise you – once you start feeling better, you’ll identify with how these healthier choices make you feel – and you will be able to keep going! 🙂

How does being healthy make YOU feel?

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