speed burst treadmill workout

Yesterday after church, we had a nice relaxing afternoon. It felt great to have been up early on a Sunday, worked out, cleaned up, and have the rest of the day at our leisure. We headed out to the pool or a couple of hours where we got in a little reading. I’m still working on The Mazerunner, almost finished though!
For dinner, Kyle made an awesome paleo bake…don’t worry, recipe is soon to come!

We finished up the night with a couple good movies On Demand. Old school Blank Check (do you guys remember that one??) and then Larry Crowne. I wasn’t sure about Larry Crowne, but it was actually pretty good! We had some good laughs.


This morning’s treadmill workout was awesome. I put together an interval workout that alternated between speed bursts and a fast walk pace.
I surprised myself that I was able to keep up for all the speed 8 intervals. Except for the last one at 8.5…I tried to keep it up but ended up doing 8.5 for 30 seconds and 8 for the other 30. All in due time! I really liked this workout, it will definitely be one I repeat, or modify with more intense intervals as I advance in training my body to run again.
After my sweaty cardio sesh, I stretched and then got through my upper body strength workout I completed last week. 
I made it through two sets of each superset. My weights and reps were a little different than last time, because I went to the gym instead of working out at home. 

Usually when I do triceps kickbacks I use 8 pounds at home. This time I had to use 10 pounds, because their 5 pound weight didn’t bring my muscles to fatigue after I finished my 12 reps. I also used 20 pounds for the over head triceps extension instead of my usual 15. But then I ended up doing my lying triceps extensions with 5 pounds instead of 10, because my arms were super tired! Anyhow…. I think it was a good workout.


This morning I decided I should try to cut out some of the extra sugars I’ve been eating lately with my yogurt fruit combos, since apparently it is difficult for me not to add dark chocolate chips. So I reverted back to my egg and avocado routine.
I ate the English muffin like an open faced sandwich for part of my eggs, and then finished off the rest.
It’s now time to get ready for school and give my dog some attention. He looks mopey. 
Have a wonderful morning!

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