Sometimes, You Just Have To Do You…

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…and that’s exactly what I am planning to do. I guess.

There are one million things going on in my life right now. Or at least, it feels that way.

Good and happy stuff, but lots of it.

Writing. Defense. Study. Job interviews. Job applications. Graduation. More job searching. Holy CRAP what if I don’t get a job in DFW? (This may lead to some bigger decisions that we will not regret.) WEDDING things galore.

I am way too busy in the next week before Kyle and I leave for vacation to worry about filling my editorial calendar. So, I moved all my draft posts into the new year.

Superwoman doesn’t do it all. She just picks and chooses what to tackle first. Right?

It is likely you won’t see me again for a couple of weeks, until after we are back from Indiana. I’m going do ‘DO ME’ and get done what I need to do, and then enjoy some time with our family, friends, and pinot grigo. You might see me pop up a couple of times. I know I’ll miss you all.

But if I don’t, have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy New Year. Enjoy yourself. Don’t be guilty. Let loose. Have FUN.

See you soon! xo

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