so much change

What is this?? Fall weather in Dallas? In October? Unheard of. But I’ll take it! Even if by Monday it’s supposed to be back to 80 degrees. I finally go to wear my super cute new scarf I got for my birthday. I hope we get more of this good stuff after we get back from Vegas.
Speaking of Vegas, we pulled out our change fund that we are planning to use for the trip. We switched out our change containers before bringing them in…. so much change!
Much to our dismay, the bank wouldn’t accept loose change, and we were told we needed to roll it. That was our Friday night activity over wine and the two hour premier of Jersey Shore.
$252! Cha-ching. Drinks on the airplane trip to Vegas are covered! (Jokes. Or maybe not.)
It’s been a pretty productive Saturday over here. After taking Barkley to the dog park, we gave him a bath and took him over to the vet for his check up. Even at the vet, he’s a happy pup.
After some investigating of course! He weights a whopping 83 pounds now…and he’s not even a year old yet. He is the definition of a furbeast.
And now we’re back at home after running a few errands, including a brand spankin’ new rope for the tug-o-war king.
The rest of the afternoon will be spent alternating between our massive DVR queue and a workout. I found this on Facebook this morning, another Blogilates wonderful workout for the legs! I can actually do this while¬†watching DVR…so that’s pretty much perfect.
Tonight we have a birthday celebration for my friend Heather. Should be a blast!
How are you being productive this Saturday?

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